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Introduction of the SKLEAC

State Key Laboratory of Electroanaytical Chemistry
Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Renmin St. 5265
Changchun 130022
P. R. China.
Phone: +86-(431) 526 2056 (office)
Fax:   +86-(431) 568 9278
Head: Prof. Xiurong YANG

        SKLEAC was promoted from the former Open Laboratory of Electroanalytical Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China in July, 2001. It is the first state key laboratory in Analytical Chemistry in China.

        SKLEAC currently consists of 6 research groups and has 35 staff members, including 15 professors and 3 associate professors. Most of the members have the study or work experience in the western countries. Apart from strong technical support staff, at the moment, there are over 80 graduate students undertaking their professional trainings. The Lab is equipped with state-of-art instruments, which are opening to its own members and visitors. The members of the Lab were recognized many times in international and national awards, such as “First Winner of 10th and 16th Kharazmi International Festival in Tehran (Iran)”, “World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva (Switzerland)”, “Liang Shuquan Analytical Chemistry Award”, “Young Chemists Award of the Chinese Chemical Society” and “Outstanding Youth Fund Award”. Over 200 students have graduated from this Lab and 20 post-docs have worked here. Indeed, their excellent performances were highly rewarded. For example, 5 and 10 of them were selected and given as the excellent and special award by the president of the CAS, respectively. Three of them were awarded “The best 100 Ph.D. theses in China” in recent years. They are playing important roles in teaching, research and producing in various fields of analytical chemistry.

        The daily management of SKLEAC is under full responsibility of the director. It has an Academic Advisory Committee whose members are prominent scientists from different institutions of the country and abroad. The Lab has carried out many national key projects and published over one thousand scientific papers over the years. There are 18 books (monographs) and over 80 patents resulting from the research of this Lab. Meanwhile, fifteen novel instruments were also successfully manufactured.

        Furthermore, the Lab is very active in the international scientific exchange and collaborations. Over twenty research cooperation agreements with related laboratories as well as institutes in different countries and regions, such as Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, USA and UK have been signed. Over one hundred plenary and invited talks were given in the international symposia and conferences from the members of the Lab. According to the market survey made by ISI and Elsevier for the period between 1993 and 1997 based on seven most popular electrochemical Journals, the Lab reached the top ten groups in the world for the number of publications. Two individuals from the Lab were positioned within top one hundred and one was on the top list! Professor Erkang Wang is the chief-editor of Chinese Journal Analytical Chemistry. Professors Wang and Dong also serve in the Editorial Board of ten international journals.