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SKLEAC Members

Research Interests

Prof. Erkang WANG
(CAS Academician)
(TWAS Academician)
Room: IA Bldg. #304
Tel.: +86-431-8526 2003

Surface electrochemistry; Biomembrane chemistry & physics; Electrochemiluminescence; HPLC /and CE/ electrochemistry and electrochemiluminescence

Prof. Shaojun DONG
(TWAS Academician)
Room: IA Bldg #203
Tel.: +86-431-8526 2101

Chemically modified electrodesŁ»Bioelectrochemistry & biosensors; Spectroelectrochemistry ; Nanostructure interfacial electrochemistry

Prof. XiurongYANG
(Head Professor)
Room: IA Bldg. #407
Tel.: +86-431-8526 2419

Electroanalytical chemistry, Environmental analysis, Sensors as well as biosensors and microchips, interaction of Biomolecular

Prof. Zhuang LI

Room: IA Bldg.#413
Tel.: +86-431-8526 2057

Scanning Probe Microscopy & Electrochemistry , DNA/Protein structure and interaction ,Nano- Devices and SERS

Prof. Tianyan YOU
Room: IA Bldg.#404
Tel.: +86-431-8526 2850

Capillary electrophoresis with electrochemical detection; Nano metal material electrochemistry

Prof. Li NIU
Room: IA Bldg.#313
Tel.: +86-431-8526 2425

Nanomaterials Electrochemistry
Conducting Polymers & Chemosensors;

Prof. Xiang GAO
Room: IA Bldg.#411
Tel.: +86-431-8526 2946

Chemistry of fullerenes and fullerene anions; Self-assembly of fullerenes
Prof.Guobao XU
Room: IA Bldg.#505
Tel.:+86-431-8526 2744
Electrochemiluminescent bioanalysis, Nanomaterial-based electrochemical bioanalysis, Microchip and capillary electrophoresis.
Prof. Zhenxin WANG
Room: IA Bldg.#402
Tel.:+86-431-8526 2243
Bionanotechnology; High throughput bioanalysis
Prof.Fengyu ZHAO
Room: IA Bldg.#512
Tel.:+86-431-8526 2410
The research interest is focused on the green synthesis and catalysis with environmentally benign feedstocks, chemical and separation processes.
Prof. Lehui LU
Room: IA Bldg.#311
Tel.:+86-431-8526 2418
Bioassay; Spectral imaging; Nanostructured materials
Prof.Hongda WANG
Room: IA Bldg.#207
Tel.:+86-431-8526 2648
Single molecule biophysics, Living cell, AFM/font>
Prof.Cong YU
Room: IA Bldg.#
Molecular recognition and self-assembly, Nucleic acid, small molecular probe based new sensing technology development, molecular imprinting.
Prof.Hongyu WANG
Room: IA Bldg.#
Power sources; Electric energy storage materials; Electrochemical interface

Prof. Xiandui DONG
Room: IA Bldg.#414
Tel.: +86-431-8526 2071

Information Techniques
Computing Electrochemistry
Scientific Instruments

Prof. Guoyi ZHU
Room: IA Bldg.#504
Tel.: +86-431-8526 2069

Electrochemistry, Electroanalytical Chemistry & Instrumentation

Prof. Bailin ZHANG
Room:IA Bldg.#215
Tel.: +86-431-8526 2430

Surface Electroanalytical Chemistry on Single Crystal Electrodes;
Ordered Interfacial Structures;
Nano-electroanalytical Chemistry & Fabrication.
Prof. Jingwei XU
Room: IA Bldg.#
Tel.: +86-431-8526
Instrumental analysis; Synthesis and application of composite materials and organic compounds.
Prof. Wei XING
Room: PC Bldg.#
Tel.: +86-431-8526
Hydrogen energy and Fuel cell; Surface electrochemistry
Prof. Hangting CHEN
Room: IA Bldg.#
Tel.: +86-431-8526

Inductively coupled plasma atomic spectrometer and mass spectrometer (ICP-AES/MS); Atomic absorption spectrometer(AAS);Atomic fluorescent spectrometer(AFS); Environchemistry behaviors of heavy mater elements; Separation and preconcentration techniques for trace elements.
Assoc. Prof. Junguang JIANG
Assoc. Prof. Yong XIA
Assoc. Prof. Weidong WANG
Assoc Prof. Dianjun LIU
Assoc. Prof. Li QI
Assoc. Prof. Jianbo JIA