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Brief Introduction and Achievement of
Professor Shaojun DONG

Standing Chairperson of the Academic Committee of SKLEAC
TWAS Academician
Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Changchun 130022
Phone: +86-431-526 2101

           +86-431-568 ****
Fax:    +86-431-568 ****
    Professor Shaojun DONG was born in Qingdao in China. She received her B.S. degree in 1952 from Furen University(1, history, 2), Beijing. Since then she was selected in Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry (CIAC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). She worked at CIAC as Research Associate(1960), Associate Professor(1979), and Full Professor and Head of the Laboratory of Electroanalytical Chemistry, CAS(1986-1998).

    She has been Visiting Scholar in Tohoku University, Japan(1981); and Ohio State University, USA(1983), Visiting Professor of several universities: the University of Kansas, USA(1986); University of Bourgogne in Dijon, France(1991,1993 and 1994) and Nanjing University, China.

   She has served as the Director of both Chinese Chemical Society and Chinese Society of Analytical Instrument. She is also on the Editorial Board of international journals "Biosensors & Bioelectronics","Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics" ,"Electrochemistry Communications","Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry", "Analytical Sciences", "Electrochemistry", "Chemical Sensors" and "Analytical Instrumentation".

    Professor Dong's research interests include chemically modified electrodes(CMEs), spectroelectrochemistry, bioelectrochemistry, ultramicroelectrode, biosensors and scanning tunneling microscopy. She contributes significantly in the research field of CME, especially on conducting polymers, metallomacrocycles and inorganic compound film electrodes, theory and methodology for kinetic process of electrocatalysis in an unstable system, ultramicroelectrode and chemically modified ultramicroelectrode, biosensors and the direct electrochemistry of proteins and enzymes.

    She has published 450 papers (till the end of 2000) most in international journals and 11 patents in China. Recently she published two books in Chinese and 6 monographs in English related to CMEs and spectroelectrochemistry and bioelectrochemistry.

    Professor Dong has received Second Class of National Award of Advanced Science and Technology (1986), the First Class Award (1989) and the Second Class Award of Natural Science(1993 and 1995) from CAS and Third Class Award of National Natural Science of China(1987). She has established one of the most active and productive laboratories in the field of analytical chemistry and electrochemistry in China. Over 50 postgraduates have received their Ph.D. and M.S. degree under her guidance.

    Professor Dong's work is known internationally, she has organized a number of symposia and delivered over 30 keynote and plenary lectures in international conferences. She has been invited to present 100 seminars and lectures in foreign universities and institutions in USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, former USSR, Singapore, Korea and Japan. She has also lectured in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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